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Our Story

Our Story
Every man has been where I was. You have a fashionable men’s accessory that fits well, does the job, and looks good doing it. In my case, that item was a simple but eye-catching belt, one that I’d grown to love for its outstanding minimalist style and unwavering functionality. It was a fashionable accessory that was subtle enough to flawlessly complement my suits, casual wear, and in-between outfits, and designed well enough to make all the difference in my exclusive signature menswear.
As a man who prided myself on my presentation, I had owned this particular versatile belt for a few years. Its damage sent me into a search for something of the same or comparable quality—the kind of well-put-together look that I’d become somewhat infamous for.
I’d grown to rely on a variety of my men’s fashion accessories, not just for my personal sense of style, but for their affordability and more importantly, their reliability. I located the belt much like the one I’d just lost, took one look at the price tag, and decided there had to be better options for men’s fashion that didn’t include $200 for a good belt.
Online, I found more of the same with countless websites that were either too expensive, low-quality, or completely out of touch with fashion for the modern man. It was then that I decided that men needed more options, and so, Farik Ali was born.
After a few years of providing modern men with quality accessory pieces, Farik Ali has grown to offer a huge selection of affordable men’s fashion accessories. From belts and belt buckles to men’s bracelets, caps, and sunglasses, Farik Ali carries distinctive, unique styles today’s man can be proud to wear.
With new items arriving weekly, we work hard to continue to serve you—the new definition of the modern man.

Stay Stylish,

  • Farik Ali, Founder


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